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Patience and Long-Term Investments

Patience may be your ally when it comes to stock market investment.


Sudden episodes of volatility on Wall Street can be jarring after periods of steady gains. When these episodes happen, they can cause concern. You may think: "What should I do? Should I do something different? Should I get out of the market?"


Above all, don't panic. Don't make a rash decision.


Perspective: The market is going to rise and fall. Its day-to-day fluctuations may be influenced by all kinds of factors: trade disputes, interest rate decisions, earnings. These forces change constantly. Wall Street may focus on one thing one week, and another thing the next.


Our Approach: The plan that you and I have created is for the long term. We created it based on your needs and goals, and with your time horizon in mind. Adjusting a long-term financial plan in response to short-term market movements may prove to be a costly mistake.


The long-term potential of the market is significant. Don't let this or that news alert affect your long-term outlook.   Your time horizon is measured in years, even decades – not months or days. A long-term investment is typically five years or longer .


Step back from the volatility.


Keep up with the news, but try to look beyond the moment and keep your long-range goals in mind. If you'd like to discuss your investment approach with me, or if you have any questions about recent market activity, please call me at 717-840-0749, or send an email to

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