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What Generation X needs to focus on to retire successfully

Lorie Konish | @LorieKonish

Published 9:05 AM ET Mon, 9 July 2018  Updated 4:58 PM ET Mon, 9 July


What Is a Contingent Beneficiary?


by Edward A. Haman, Esq.
Freelance Writer and Author


Whether it's a life insurance policy, a bank account, securities account, retirement account, trust, or other asset, designating contingent beneficiaries can avoid probate and help accomplish your estate planning goals.

Video: Saving For Your Child's School

 A post-secondary degree is essential to earn a foothold in the workforce. 


Are Annuities Safer than Mutual Funds?

The short answer is yes, in a number of ways. However, rather than just take it at face value, a closer examination of the two different types of investments will reveal how they differ in the amount of safety investors should expect from each. 

Video: The Importance of Financial Goals

These are the obstacles we all face in trying to achieve our financial goals:


Pay Yourself First - The Holy Grail of Personal Finance

Remember way back to your first paycheck. The moment you open the envelope anticipating the windfall when all your hard work pays off. Then, like a swift kick to your gut, realty hits. Your takeaway earnings are almost always way lower than what you expected.

Financial Planning for Newlyweds

Congratulations Newlyweds! Your fresh union symbolizes a new beginning facing the world. But before the glow of wedded bliss wears, it’s crucial to talk about finances.

5 Ways to Make Your Budget Go Further

I don’t know about you, but for me every paycheck is like a mini Christmas that ends nearly immediately when reality sets in. Bills, rent and saving for retirement makes every payday a budgeting reality. So in these times, it’s important to take some relatively easy steps to stretch your budget.

Get In shape - Financial Fitness 101

We’re all familiar with fitness fanatics, raving about life changing workouts guaranteed to get you into tip top shape. While there is a new fitness craze in the air, it’s time to exercise your wallet. Financial Fitness is a set of goals or programs to help you identify your financial goals, and how to get in the best financial shape of your life.

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